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We produce many different types of bags ranging from small pouches to large backpacks. The materials we offer consist of nylon, polyester, canvas, and many others. Customers can select accessories and components on the bag as desired.

New Designs


If a customer needs an advice with a product, they can contact us directly. This is so we can help ensure the best combination for material, function and design.

We are a premium bag factory that customers can order modern style bags or custom design. We also have salespeople who can visit your office to present arrays of products we produce when ordering in large quantities.


Trinity International Co., Ltd.

More Category

The bags shown on here are just some examples that our company produced for our previous customers. You can choose from these design and adjust the color, fabric, spare parts and size as needed. If you already have the type you want, whether it's a bag seen on the internet, or originally designed by you, you can contact us to discuss the specifications and the design of the product in detail.


1. Contact Us

Contact us via telephone or email for any inquiry. Discuss the specifications and the design of the product in detail. 

4. Confirmation

The customer does the final check in every detail and gives an approval for production. The products will be exactly like the mockup sample. 

2. Order Placement

A quotation will be sent to the customer. The customer signs the quotation paper to place an order.

5. Production

The order is placed in the production line queue. The production takes approximately 30 - 45 days, depending on the quantity and the complexity of the products.

3. Create Mockup

A mockup sample is created for the customer to inspect thoroughly. The mockup fee applies, and is refunded when the customer purchases the order.

6. Payment and Delivery

The customer makes full payment. Our services include free delivery to the customers within Bangkok and adjacent provinces.

*Minimum order is subjected to the size and the complexity of the product design.
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